Local people, local ideas

One of our goals to work with and celebrate what individuals are doing in our communities. 

"Community", to us, does not just mean our neighborhood, our city, or our province. 

A community is a group of individuals that support one another, and that is why we are proud to represent ideas, products, and achievements across Alberta and Canada.

Stay tuned as we aim to feature a community member doing great things for their community on this page each month.


Our Community Members

Sanaa Huyamun

A beautiful piece Sanaa made for our shop. 


Sarjesa Tea

We are so proud to provide Sarjesa Tea at The Dapper Beaver.  Alexandra was an inspiration when we were starting this venture. 

The commitment they have to their community, quality tea, and using locally sourced products is phenomenal.  Sarjesa is working towards ending violence against women.