Giving back is essential

 The Dapper Beaver is proud to support a variety of local organizations and causes. Giving back is something that is important to us, and a key component of our business. Local matters to us. 

We aim to raise awareness, provide funds and provide needed items. Read on to discover some of the charities we currently support in the Edmonton community.

Is there an organization or cause you think the Dapper Beaver should support? Reach out to us and let us know how we can help other initiatives in our community!


All in For Youth

What is this organization?

All in for Youth (AIFY) brings together local services to help address the complex needs children and families experience when living with low income.

Supporting youth on their educational journey, AIFY is focused on increasing high school completion rates by reducing local drop-out rates as graduating from high school can mean the difference between living in poverty and not.”

Source: United Way Alberta Capital Region website

What is the impact on the community?

 All in for Youth develops students’ and families’ individual capacity, supporting students’ success in school creates community-wide benefits, such as:

  • Contributing to ending the cycle of poverty in our community;

  • Reducing social costs, as poverty has a cost of between $7.1 and $9.5 billion annually in Alberta;

  • Improving the employability of youth; and,

  • Elevating the quality of our workforce.


Source: United Way Alberta Capital Region website

Why do we support them?

Scott Claypool, The Dapper Beaver Founder, has a close connection to this organization. Read our full blog post to learn more about why this is so close to our hearts: Learn About All in For Youth & Why We Support Them!

How do we support them?

A portion of every sale and all tips given to The Dapper Beaver go to AIFY.


The Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre



What is this organization?

WEAC is a 24/7 emergency shelter established in 1974 in the basement of All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral. In 1994, WEAC moved to it’s now-home in the Gibson Block on Jasper Ave.

In non-pandemic times, WEAC supports over 360 womxn each year, with a 64-bed capacity. 

Womxn may self-refer to WEAC or be referred by a community agency. WEAC is a low-barrier shelter, that operates in a harm-reduction and trauma informed manner as much as possible. Low-barrier access means that womxn who access WEAC can have active addictions or substance abuse concerns. However, use is not permitted within the shelter itself.

What is the impact on the community?   

They provide a safe space for those who might desperately need one. Housing Support and Outreach Workers also work with the womxn accessing the shelter with a goal of transitioning into their own home. 

WEAC, through donations from the community, also provides furniture and food, as well as hygiene items like shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste, and essentials like pajamas, socks, underwear, and warm clothing.

Why do we support them?

We aim to lift up and support different, diverse segments of the population through our contributions to the community (and will continue to do so through other charities and organizations in the future).

We believe it is vital and absolutely essential for everyone to have a safe space to go to when they need one.

How do we support them? 

20% of all profits from tea go directly to WEAC.