Hello there!

My name is Scott Claypool. I am the owner and founder of The Dapper Beaver Coffee Company.  

I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, and I have always been extremely grateful for the amazing community present in this city I call home. In my youth, I was supported by Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, and the amazing staff at that facility. My life was forever changed by my experiences there, and the positive impact it had on me. 

My community has always been there for me when things got tough. Whether it was physical ailments or mental health issues that developed over the years, there was always a system of support. 

I quickly began to realize that there were many people that had not been as fortunate as I had been when it came to having this type of support. I felt that it was my duty to help and give back in any way possible. 

Meet The Dapper Beaver

“From when you smell coffee brewing in the morning, and anticipate that delicious first taste, to finally taking that initial sip, you can bet that your day is going to be better because of that first cup of coffee.” 

I wanted to start this company in order to share my passion for coffee and community. The Dapper Beaver is meant to be a conduit that I can use to help create social change, and lift those up around me. 

Often times I would dream about how I could make a difference, but found myself lacking what I considered the necessary skills or networks to do so. 

Once it occurred to me that I could use my love of coffee and coffee roasting to help others, I became obsessed. I made it my mission to spread the feeling of genuine connection and happiness that comes with sharing a cup of coffee with another person. 

The Dapper Beaver strives to create amazing cups of coffee each and every time. We do this so that we can make everyone feel a little more Dapper with every sip. 

Coffee Brings Us Together

Coffee can be used to show others that they are important to you by giving them your time. 

When I was dealing with my mental health issues, it meant more than anything to me when someone would ask me to go for coffee. That small act of kindness was able to pull me out of my own head. That small act reminded me that there were people that truly cared about me. 

Coffee Lifts Us Up 

We are here to lift up the community one cup at a time. 

We are here to let others know they are not alone. Our hope is that you will feel inspired to use The Dapper Beaver as a reason to reach out, and grab a cup of coffee with a loved one.