One-Year Roasting Anniversary!


Well, we made it. It has been 1 year since our little roastery opened up in the heart of Parkallen. Our 1st anniversary of the café opening is on September 28, so stay tuned for fun things to come!

Over the last year, I know I have written a lot about the hardships that we have faced. Today, I wanted to take some time and reflect on all the amazing, incredible things that have happened over the last year:  

  • We opened!  I am so proud to have been able to open during a pandemic, especially in an industry that was so heavily affected by everything going on.  Although it was not how I thought I would open, we managed to open nonetheless.  
  • Our online sales started on August 15 as we finished getting things set up.  That set up…. Oof. Initially, all we had was brewed coffee, tea, and our incredible coffee beans.  The patience and understanding from my dedicated regulars was so uplifting.  People were just excited to welcome me into their neighbourhood. 
  • After only being open for 4 months, it's wild to think that we won "Best New Roaster in Edmonton" by Third Wave. In my eyes, we were still in a soft launch.
  • Then! United Way recognized our contributions to the community with a small business award. It means a lot to me that I can show our customers we are making a difference.  The small amount every single person donates has and continues to contribute amazing things. 
  • I have McKenna working with me!  It seems ridiculous to think now, but we were finally able to hire our first full-time staff.  With McKenna, my 12-18 hour days are far fewer now. I have also managed to take a few days (mostly) off.  Her dedication to the community amazes me.  Her passion for community and supporting individuals through their mental health journey is what first impressed me.  Now, it is the crazy dance moves she pulls while pulling shots.  Both her and her partner, Luke (and their dog Louie), have helped me grow as a business and personally.  McKenna helps move us forward in how we can help our city.  I cannot speak enough about McKenna's impact on a lot of the behind-the-scenes happenings. 
  • We (mostly) finished setting up the shop!  Every month up until now, we were adding more offerings. From espresso, to iced drinks, to gelato, we are finally at a stage I hoped to be when I planned to open in early 2020.  Although it took longer, it is far more special now. 


Now, the accomplishments I am most proud of…. At the time I am writing this, we have donated in kind or cash over $17,000! 
  • The Dapper Beaver Community Fund: $ 500
  • All in for Youth: $ 8,990
  • United Way: $ 500
  • Women’s Emergency Accommodation centre: $3,800
  • E4C: $ 1,683
  • Mental Health Co-Pilots: $100
  • SAMU Pantry Program: $226
  • All Cycles: $200
  • CMHA: $250
  • Other Various causes: $780


I am so proud to be able to give coffee to WEAC and Elizabeth House. By providing them coffee, we have enabled them to use that money to buy more healthy options for the women whom they serve.

People will be quick to say how much we have done, but it is really you!  Our customers and loyal patrons who come rain or shine for delicious coffee are the ones who make this possible. My entire vision for The Dapper Beaver was to eliminate barriers to people making a difference in their community. You all have accomplished so much!  I am so proud to have such giving customers.  I want to empower my community through coffee. We are looking to do more fundraisers for community-based organizations, groups, charities, and non-profits; please contact us at if you have any ideas or suggestions.

I love Edmonton so much. Regardless of political views or differences, the one thing we can agree on is supporting one another.  Our customers have always been there for us. We have a list of dozens of individuals that want to volunteer for us. Amazingly we have had an anonymous donation of a portable AC unit to help cool us during this insanely hot summer!  Customers have made us birthday cards or drawings for the shop.  We have had someone drop off an Oilers jersey so our mascot could get into the spirit of the playoffs. This city is always there when we need it.

I can't say enough how grateful I am to have made it this far.  It took blood, sweat and tears, but here we are. I know the next year will be another long haul, but I know we will make it through. I know I have been able to provide fantastic coffee during this journey, but you have provided me with so much more. So let's make this next year even better. Thank you, friends!
p.s. Check out our most recent IG post for bean deals available from August 11-17, 2021.

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